Small but great cities in America

According to a company that provides SEO services for small to large sized businesses, here are 5 small but great cities in the US that you should consider if you are planning to move for work or for pleasure.

Moorhead, Minnesota

MoorheadAccording to Moorhead residents, they get very cheap housing and they enjoy good work-life balance – in addition to receiving an economic boost from Fargo, which gives them both the perks of a small city and the urban life. Moorhead’s unemployment rate last year was just 3%, and people aren’t stressed because of the commute. This gives them time for their families and social lives.

Cedar Falls, Iowa

Cedar Falls, IowaThere are so many available jobs right now in Cedar Falls in the following industries – healthcare, education and manufacturing. Since it is a small town, there is no need to travel far to work, travel time is at 13 minutes average to get to the office. There are also a lot parks and recreation areas that you can visit with your family, making Cedar Falls a great place to live in if you are aiming for work-life balance.

Wooster, Ohio

If you are looking for a city with low cost of living but with really high chances of getting a good job, consider moving to Wooster, OH. Especially if you are in the field of education, there are a few universities in the city like the Ohio State University which boasts of its Agricultural Technical Institute that can cater to your education degree. Or, if you are a student looking to study Agriculture, consider Wooster as your next college destination.

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Stevens PointIf you are one to walk to work and love to stroll around nature, move to Stevens Point in Wisconsin. More than 10% of the residents here walk to work and the average commute is less than 20 minutes. This town is at the riverfront, so it’s very old school. There are also many breweries in the area so if you are into malt, Stevens Point is one city you should consider moving to.

Terre Haute, Indiana

This is the biggest city in this list, but homes here are very affordable. There are two universities in this town, Indiana State University and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, so students are more than welcome to come. The city boasts of its low cost living and a very student friendly environment.

Helena, Montana

Helena, MontanaThe best place to work at Helena Montana is for the government, so if you are into public service, come and live at Helena. Commute is also less than 20 minutes to the farthest reach of the town and housing is very affordable.

It is very important to consider your daily commute, your salary, the people in the town, the location of your apartment or home, and the cost of living if you are planning to move to a different city. The cities mentioned above, according to a company that provides SEO services for small to large sized businesses, are great cities to move to if you are looking to save up for your future or to take it a little easy when it comes to expenses.

Whether you’re a student, looking for your first job, looking to retire, looking to move from the urban life to a small town, or wanting to raise your family in a small town, these cities will provide you with the best small town living with the best prices for housing and food. The comfort of lesser time to commute as well will definitely add to your work life balance. Simply put, there’s more than one good reason why these cities’ residents never think of moving.

Every City Has a Story

Urban lifestyleWhat is the story of your city? Think about that for a moment. You are living and breathing in an area that has a lot of stories, and you may know some. In fact, everyone knows a lot about where they live, and if they spend any amount of time focusing on these stories, things can definitely become amazing. What makes your city tick? Are you proud of the area you’re from? You’ll be surprised by the question and the answers that people have. That’s the point of this blog, to focus on the obsession of the culture of your city today.

I Heart Something

You see it on a lot of t-shirts, and through the amazing elements that come from New York. The iconic “I heart NY” shirt that has proliferated pop culture in a lot of ways. If you love your city, you will definitely want to showcase that love, and well, you know your own city. What makes things work so well where you live? Why should people move to your area, what makes it so amazing?

Are there shops, are there experiences? Is there a local food option that is going to be worth sharing? There’s so much to this world that many people don’t mention until they see things come through in a different light. When you start to read and see the stories that people have from all over, you will no doubt be inspired by the amazement that comes with these locales. If you want to see new things, experience new things, you just need to start in your back yard. Often times people look far and away at the many different options that exist far away, but what about nearby solutions?

The City Breathes

Your city has a life of its own. When you step back and look at it as a first time visitor, you will see that you can have amazing overall adventures. Perhaps you already have gone through some amazing adventures overall. If you have ventured forth, then your story needs to be heard. That’s what this blog is all about. Sharing those things that make our cities so cool, especially when there are fabulous stories that can be shared. A City Obsession is a blog that really strives to get those stories told. Whether you’re new to your area, or you have been around for some time, you’ll find that there is a great deal to explore and find throughout various arenas.

Your city has a unique culture, and many people don’t know it. Well here is your chance to showcase the beauty and splendor that awaits visitors, and new residents alike. You’ll find that there is so much to explore, and so much to take into account of, so why not share it? Seriously, why not give everyone a unique perspective on how you do things in your city or community?

Come Back Often

At, stories change often. There will be new updates on this blog that you will not want to miss out on. Things that you will see from perspectives outside of your own. You may find that a great and glorious thing awaits you to explore. Whether you’ve live in the city or have left your town, come back and see the amazing stories that are no doubt going to inspire your own creative journey. We all have stories to tell, and many times those stories are framed through the lens of city living. What is your obsession?

Your city’s culture is unique to the area, and your story can highlight that in a lot of ways, so why not let it shine? Keep coming back.